Sunday, September 07, 2014

dead people.

I have a fascination with shows about dead people. Not exactly of the dead, but involving them. Especially quirky ones. My favorite of all time is 'Dead Like Me'. And ever since I watched every single episode of that one twice over, and even the horrible wrap-up movie I have been on the neverending hunt for more reaper shows. I have found a few. Though they don't all quite hit the mark, but they are each kinda nice in their own right. Here is a list that I have accumulated to date. I've also just added in a list of other quirky type shows I really love.

Reapers & Dead People
Dead Like Me
Pushing Daisies
The Collector (on list to watch, haven't yet)
Brimstone  (on list to watch, haven't yet)
Ghost Whisperer

Just Quirky & Awesome
Better Off Ted
Raising Hope
Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23
Super Fun Night
New Girl
Jane By Design
The Guild

Sunday, June 22, 2014


I've been dreaming the last couple days about starting my own perfumery. I know that sounds like super left field but I've always wanted to have one. It's not even that I'm that into fragrances. I just like the idea of having some haunting scents to make people go gaga over. As well as some super eerie yet amazing packaging. But along with all the other things I dream about I probably won't actually start a perfumery. Mainly because I am not sure I really want to sell perfume and have a shop for it or whatever. I do have a few favorites over on Etsy though. Actually let me list my absolute favorite which is Poison Apple Potions or Poison Apple Apothecary as I remember it. Right now the shop is closed up because it is transferring ownership. But my absolute favorite fragrance from her is 'The Quad' or was called 'Gwyllion' before. I have also ordered handcrafted perfumes from 'For Strange Women'. And I can see that her ingredients and brand are just amazing but her scents don't really call to me. I ordered a sample box once of three different scents and I personally just didn't have that certain special pull like I do with almost all of the Poison Apple stuff. But her merchandising is phenomenal! There is also 'Debaucherous Bath'. I haven't actually ordered anything from her, but her long list of scents kinda makes me drool. I just have some serious love for amazing perfumes.

So here I can add my perfumery dream next to my soap shop dream and coffee shop dream and all the other ones.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

i'm late for spring... cleaning

So. I hate cleaning. I abhor cleaning!! In fact, I remember when I lived on my own I didn't own much stuff and it wasn't really all that hard to clean. Somewhere in the past oh 10 years I've accumulated a GINORMOUS amount of random crap! So... there is literally piles of nonsense all over. Strewn on top of chair arms and mirrors... and stacked in haphazard piles on the actual floor as well. I don't even want to look at the piles there is THAT much crap everywhere.

So that really just sounds like a clutter nightmare, but it isn't. Stuff is dirty. When you have a lot of crap, it gets dusty and random bits of who knows what just ends up in little crevices EVERYWHERE! This sounds disgusting but I'm just airing my thoughts out here.

Today I decided to tackle the kitchen stove/oven. I don't know how anyone can keep their stoves so squeaky clean without literally going at it with an SOS pad every day for a solid 30 minutes. Like seriously. Anyways. That stovetop was so nasty. And I'm not kidding. There wasn't just bits and pieces, it was like sludge. I don't even think I cook on the stove very often, which is maybe why it is so neglected. And being a fan of all natural cleaning products, any time I've tried to ungunk something it never seems to work. So I broke down today and asked the BF for his Mean Green degreasing cleaner. Oh yeah, it worked like a charm. I guiltily washed the sponge I was using in the sink about 50 times. But it sure is shiny now.

I think I need some sort of cleaning help though. That was just one little task and it took me like 2 hours total. And I'm still not done cleaning the inside under the coils.

When I was off to neverland (aka my hometown visiting my mom) my BF was kind enough to scrub the bathroom spotless. I think he was grossed out by it. I know I was! Well sorry I just can't stand touching gross things, and well that's how they get... gross-er. So... I have a clean stove and a clean bathroom. Not sure how I am going to do everything else... since it will all get dirty again.

My boyfriend always says how he is going to just throw away everything in the kitchen except a plate, bowl, utensil set of each of us that way if we have dirty dishes there really isn't much there. Hahaha. I really don't think he will do that. But if I come home one day and voila it's all empty, I guess I probably won't throw a tantrum or anything. But I do have a fairly vast collection of vintage plates, mugs, bowls, random nonsense in there.

I made a couple new necklaces today from my vintage lucite beads... so on that note I'm pretty happy about it. Since I don't really have the inspiration to make much of anything anymore. What's weird is my jewelry studio is cluttered, but it isn't really dirty. I can find most things I'm looking for but it isn't cringe-worthy like the kitchen. So there's that... I spend a lot of time in here. I think I might put a bed in here. You know, to avoid cleaning at all if possible. :P

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Hi, my name is, wait what is that thing in the sky?! Omg is coming straight for us!

I am not a trend setter. I'm also not a trend follower. I've been a multi-blog stalker for years. I've always pined to have my own place for things so that others might find me because they have similar interests. But I always delete these places. Maybe I just feel no one shares the things I like. Maybe I'm just too obscure. I do have a serious lack of friends and connections with people in general. The ones I do click with are still not in my own hobby zone.

Anyways, I'm Katie and this is like my 73rd blog startup.

I like fruit, cob houses, thrift stores, bellydance, building computers, crafts, gardening and other things.

I'm a gypsy that can't travel. I choose my roots to be bohemian. I hate cleaning and have a very messy house. I'm also addicted to Dr. Pepper.